What's the Difference?

Trying to decide which smoked salmon is for you?  The table below describes the three types we offer from the SeaBear Smokehouse.

Pacific Northwest
Smoked Salmon

SeaBear Signature
Smoked Salmon in Gift Boxes
Smoked Salmon Lox
Pacific Northwest Smoked Salmon

HISTORY - This centuries-old method of the Pacific Northwest, first practiced by Coastal Native Peoples, is one of the world’s great regional food traditions.

HISTORY - Our founder – Tom Savidge – created the packaging technology which would become our famous Gold Seal Pouch, for his Pacific Northwest Smoked Salmon.

HISTORY - A staple of Eastern European aristocracy for centuries.  This style of smoked salmon is popular all around the world.

METHOD - Salmon is smoked over high heat (“hot smoking”), resulting in a moist, flaky, fully cooked smoked salmon unlike any other in the world.

METHOD - We vacuum seal the smoked salmon in the pouch, and cook it in its own juices.  This natural process preserves the Pacific Northwest Smoked Salmon naturally, and so no refrigeration is required until the pouch is opened.

METHOD - The salmon is cured, but not cooked, as it is smoked over low heat (“cold smoked”) Thinly sliced, with a silky smooth texture.

OURS – We have featured traditional Pacific Northwest Smoked Salmon since our founding in 1957.  Every fillet is handcrafted in small batches at our authentic Anacortes smokehouse.  Ships on ice, and is to be frozen/refrigerated.

OURS – We created the Gold Seal Pouch, and it remains the SeaBear signature today.  Since no refrigeration is needed, it is easily shipped and a perfect way to share the Pacific Northwest Smoked Salmon experience with family and friends anywhere in the country

OURS - Gerard & Dominique became part of SeaBear Smokehouse in 2008, bringing its world class lox, created in the tradition and methods of the premier European smoked salmon.  Our lox are served in high-end restaurants and hotels all around the country. Ships on ice, and is to be frozen/refrigerated.

WE LOVE serving it as an appetizer with cheese, crackers and fresh fruit slices.

WE LOVE serving this on a buffet, with pasta, in tacos, tossed in an omelet, or on a Caesar salad,

WE LOVE serving this with bagels, in grilled cheese, in a spinach salad, or rolled with fresh fruit.