Treat the Troops

Be a part of our Treat The Troops 100% Match - sending cases of Ready-to-Eat Wild Salmon to Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard stationed overseas!

Donations to Date:
26,234 POUCHES

How It Works

We're filling up boxes with 60 pouches of SeaBear Ready-To-Eat Salmon, to send to military personnel stationed overseas, as a treat from back home, and to let them know we are thinking about them.

For every pouch you buy to donate, SeaBear will match it 100% by adding another pouch. When the case is filled with 60 pouches we'll ship it off, and start another one for a new military unit!

Buy one pouch to contribute, and we’ll match it with another. Buy 5 pouches, and we'll put in 5 more, and so on—or, buy 30 and you get to pick where the whole case of 60 gets sent.


***When ordering online, please use your own shipping address during checkout, or simply add to an existing order. We will ship the donated pouches directly to the next nominated unit.

Our queue is full! We currently have more nominations than we can fill. Help us clear the list by donating a pouch of Ready-to-Eat Wild Salmon through the link below.