How to Schedule a Shipment for a Future Week

No need to time your purchases—order them all today, schedule them for the week you'd like them to ship, and we won't charge you until they ship. 

1. At Checkout, complete the "Shipping Information" section. Then, proceed to "Delivery" section.

2. Each basket will have a default ship method. Change the shipping option to "Choose a future week". When you select this option, a calendar will then appear below it. Using the arrows next to the name of the month, navigate to the month that you would like your basket to ship.

3. Select the week that you would like your shipment to LEAVE our Smokehouse in Anacortes, WA by clicking on any of the white days in the calendar. If you need help deciding which week to choose based on a special occassion, please feel free to visit our Shipping page by clicking HERE or calling our Customer Care Team at 800.645.3474. Once you select the week, you will see your chosen ship week in the upper right corner of the Order Summary (circled below). That's it! Click the red "Continue" button to move to the next section of Checkout.