Wild Mushroom Garlic Dill Sauce


1 pound mushrooms sliced 
10 cloves of garlic 
1 stick of real butter 
1 pkg. of wild mushrooms sliced
1 tablespoon of dill weed 
Salt & pepper to taste 
1 lemon


Heat skillet to medium to medium -high. 
Melt 1/2 the stick of butter 
Place 1lb of mushrooms in pan 
Saute until almost cooked, add dill, garlic & salt and pepper. 
Put sauted mushrooms in blender, let cool five minutes. 
Blend well. 
Saute the wild mushrooms, with remainder of butter. 
Pour blended mushrooms onto either poached or grilled salmon fillets. 
Garnish with Wild mushrooms and slice of lemon. 
Submitted by: B. Terpak 

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Serves 4.