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Alaskan Spot Prawn
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1½ lbs Spot Prawns
3 lbs Spot Prawns
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Customer Reviews

By C Porter in Santa Barbara, CA
I tried these last year and found them, as advertised "exceptionally sweet and tender." Best frozen shrimp EVER!

Yes, I would recommend SeaBear to family & friends

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Alaskan Spot Prawn

5.00 (based on 1 Reviews)

Direct from Alaska, this is one of the Northwest's best kept secrets. The meat of the spot prawn is exceptionally sweet and tender.  Individually quick frozen tails make this tantalizing seafood experience taste like they were fresh caught this morning.  Make Alaskan Spot Prawns part of your dining traditions starting today. 

Approximately 20 or more Spot Prawns per pound. May contain roe.


Every purchase is backed by our Fisherman's Oath Guarantee.

PLEASE NOTE: If you find that some of your spot prawns have roe (the orange-colored eggs of the prawn), consider it your lucky day! The roe – which may cause your shipment of prawns to take on a rich orange-red color – makes a wonderful addition to sauces, sautés, and is also delicious when you grill your spot prawns unshelled. We highly recommend making use of this special delicacy.

Cooking & Serving
Your spot prawns can be baked, grilled, sautéed, broiled or cooked as part of a broth… any way you would use prawns. We prefer our spot prawns on the grill…. place them on a skewer, brush with olive oil and simply sprinkle with cracked black pepper and salt (and maybe a sprinkling of cayenne pepper!). They are particularly delicious served with a fresh salsa made from grilled vegetables with lemon juice and chopped fresh garlic. Enjoy!

Your Alaskan spot prawns may be kept frozen for up to six months in the freezer. We do not recommend re-freezing once the spot prawns have been thawed, as this can significantly affect flavor and texture.

Place frozen spot prawns in a colander in the sink, and run cold water over them for several minutes, and then let them sit and drain for several minutes more. Your spot prawns will thaw and be ready to prepare.

Ships On Ice - Items with this symbol ship on ice, and must be either refrigerated or frozen upon arrival. Shipments on ice are sent Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday only.

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