Fresh and Wild Alaskan King Salmon - Ships Late Summer 2014
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Fresh and Wild Alaskan King Salmon - Ships Late Summer 2014

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Now taking orders for Summer 2014

In partnership with the fisherman of the Seafood Producers Cooperative.
SeaBear Fresh & Wild Alaskan King Salmon
To source this extraordinary wild Alaskan King Salmon for you, we work directly with a premier cooperative of fisherman of the Seafood Producers Cooperative. The members of this co-op are independent operators who live their dream of a life on the water, while banding together under a common philosophy of handling their catch in a manner simply not found in most fishing operations. From individual hook-&-line catch methods to painstaking on-board handling techniques, everything they do is guided by a philosophy of "quality over quantity," designed to deliver maximum freshness and flavor on the plate.

Our friends at the co-op have worked with us to arrange a late-summer event during which a handful of their fisherman will catch premier King salmon in the pristine waters of Southeast Alaska; we will then hand-fillet, pack and ship these FRESH, for you to enjoy at home.

What You can Expect from SeaBear
Your Fresh Alaskan Wild King salmon will be hand-filleted, and will be shipped fresh, never frozen. It should arrive to you cool to the touch, on gel ice packs. We provide free sea salt & cracked pepper with every order of this phenomenal salmon, along with cooking instructions, storage guidelines, and tips to make this a memorable meal.

Reserve yours today.  Please note your credit card will not be charged until your order ships.

***Please note, due to these fish being so fresh and tender, removing all bones is not possible, so fillets will likely contain bones.

Ships On Ice - Items with this symbol ship on ice, and must be either refrigerated or frozen upon arrival. Shipments on ice are sent Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday only.

Fresh & Wild Events - Items with this symbol ship on gel ice, and must be refrigerated upon arrival. Shipped via 2 Day Air Express in a reusable cooler, for $19.99 per event to each address. Shipments for Fresh & Wild Events are sent on ship dates specific to each event.
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