Chukar Cherries Dried Cherry Medley Mix - On Sale!
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6 oz Chukar Dried Cherry Medley
6 oz Chukar Dried Cherry Medley - 4 packages
6 oz Chukar Dried Cherry Medley - 12 packages
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Chukar Cherries Dried Cherry Medley Mix - On Sale!

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Using the fruits of local Eastern Washington farms, including their own, Chukar creates small batches of freshly-made sweets to showcase the natural bounty and flavors of the Pacific Northwest. Family-owned and team operated since 1988, Chukar is a staple at Seattle's Pike Place Market.

A Northwest Trio: Bing, Rainier, and Montmorency Tart Cherries, lightly sweetened with cane sugar.

A zesty combination of plump and luscious Bing, Rainier and Columbia River Tart Cherries hand selected by sorting experts. The perfect mixture of nature's candy!

Pitted & naturally dried, with no sulfites. 6 oz bag

No Refrigeration Required - Items with this symbol have been sealed in our famous Gold Seal™ Pouch, and then gently cooked in their own juices. This preserves the salmon naturally, so NO REFRIGERATION IS REQUIRED until the pouch is opened. SeaBear created this process so you can enjoy premier quality with maximum convenience!
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