Celebrating our Diamond Anniversary

In 2017, we at SeaBear are thrilled to be celebrating our Diamond Anniversary year. That’s right --- 2017 marks 60 years of handcrafted traditional Northwest smoked salmon, all from our home here in Anacortes, Washington. Across the year we’ll be celebrating with our team, our community and of course our customers.

A bit of history -- SeaBear has been operating continuously here in Anacortes since being founded under the name “Specialty Seafoods” in 1957 by Pacific Northwest fisherman Tom Savidge and his wife Marie when Savidge began selling his smoked salmon to local taverns. Customers loved his salmon, and tavern owners asked how they could keep his salmon on the shelf longer. As a result, Tom Savidge invented the process for preserving salmon naturally – now known as our Gold Seal Pouch (still used on our signature smoked salmon). Savidge received a patent for this process in 1971, and it is now used widely throughout the food manufacturing industry. 

We plan to celebrate our big milestone all year long. For example, as I write this we picked our 60th customer of the day and are surprising her with free smoked salmon and some SeaBear merchandise (congratulations, Juanita!). Make sure to follow us on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), and sign up for emails on SeaBear.com, to stay up to date on all our special Diamond Anniversary celebration offerings, giveaways and events.

Mike Mondello