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Fresh from the Smoker Events

Fresh from the Smoker Events
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Unfortunately, the date to reserve for these events has passed. We recommend shopping our Pacific Northwest Smoked Salmon as a great alternative.

Our Local Smokehouse Secret, Now Available for Your Holiday Parties!

Choose from:
SOLD OUT:  Traditional Smoked Sockeye Fillet - Ships the week of Dec. 10th

RESERVE TODAY:  Garlic & Black Pepper Fillet - Ships the week of Dec. 17th

NOTE:   These fillets will arrive cold, but not frozen.  Refrigerate immediately, and use within 2 days.

Every Thursday around 1pm, our production team lets our Smokehouse Store team know:  "It's ready!"  with that, the week's Fresh From The Smoker offering (a limited quanity of whatever we are smoking that day), is taken out of the smoker, and walked the 58 or so steps out to our store.  There it is immediately put out for sale - still hot from smoking! - and a text message goes out to our local customers to come and get it before it's all gone.

Fresh From The Smoker has been VERY popular with our local Anacortes community.  But, we know of course a lot of you cannot make it to our Smokehouse Store.  So we've arranged a way to make it available a few special times this holiday season to be experienced and enjoyed by our customers all across the US.

Make your reservations now for either of the available dates, and we will smoke your fillet to order, take it out of the smoker, cool it, wrap it, and ship it immediately to you or your gift recipient.  There is simply no fresher smoked salmon anywhere!

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