Treat the Troops

Be part of our Treat The Troops 100% Match - sending cases of Ready-to-Eat Wild Salmon to Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard stationed overseas!

How It Works 

We're filling up boxes with 60 pouches of SeaBear Ready-To-Eat Salmon, to send to military personnel stationed overseas, as a treat from back home, and to let them know we are thinking about them. 

For every pouch you buy to donate, SeaBear will match it 100% by adding another pouch. When the case is filled with 60 pouches we'll ship it off, and start another one for a new military unit! 

Buy one pouch to contribute, and we’ll match it with another. Buy 5 pouches, and we'll put in 5 more, and so on - or, buy 30 and you get to pick where the whole case of 60 gets sent. 

Donations are accepted at all stores, and
here on our web site.

YOU Can Nominate A Military Group To Receive A Shipment! Customers, vendors, employees and other friends of SeaBear are all welcome and encouraged to nominate a military unit stationed overseas. We're looking especially for ones with a tie to Washington state! It's very easy:

Send us the name and service of the military unit, where they are stationed, their address, and the specific person to send it to. Please note: we must have a specific recipient, we cannot send to a general unit.

Submit your nomination at any store or email it to our customer service team and use the subject line Treat The Troops!
 CLICK HERE to Treat the Troops today!