SeaBear's Catalog

At SeaBear, we are always looking to continuously improve, and doing so in alignment with our six core values, which guide the way we operate. One of the changes for 2020 includes changing from mailing a full 40 page catalog to smaller high quality brochures and postcards. We made this change with careful consideration, and for a number of positive reasons:

Environmental Impact -- One of our six core values is that we are good citizens—this encompasses both our local community as well as being good stewards of our environment. Our move towards these smaller mailings reflects enormous reduction of paper usage.

More Accurate Reflection of What’s Happening at the Smokehouse, Today  --  With a long-lead time for catalogs (created up to 5-6 months in advance), we are unable to get all our newest ideas in front of our customers right away. For example, our new Smoked Scallop Macaroni and Cheese went from idea to customers’ kitchens in less than 3 months!

More Responsiveness to Our Sources -- We can be much more responsive to the best available supply of the seafood in the moment, and to special short-term value opportunities that often present themselves if we use ways to communicate with you that do not require the long lead time of catalogs.

So -- we continue to communicate by mail, just with smaller / more timely pieces. But also be sure to sign up for our email newsletter to get the very latest news. And, as always check out for our entire offering, and call our Customer Service Team for suggestions or help with your order.